Soldier Found Dead in Windsor Felt Worthless, Inquest Hears

Soldier Found Dead in Windsor Felt Worthless, Inquest Hears (1) (1)

One soldier from Harry’s old regiment found hanged in his barracks had been passed over for promotion after making a complaint. This was heard at an inquest. 

L/Cpl. Joel Robinson served in the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment. The inquest in Reading found out he was drinking for a long time with friends before his body was found at the Combermere Barracks.

Before he died, his mother said that her son felt like he was worth nothing. She said that he was given a posting that was a punishment for three years in a row. He thought it was because of glowing reports.

She told the court, “Promotion was very important to him.” “I don’t think he wanted to take his life that night.”

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I think he did that in public because he wanted someone to help him. The inquest heard that L/Cpl Robinson complained about his services in Germany. Mrs. Robinson‘s lawyer, Adam Payer, said that he felt like he was being bullied and harassed by other lawyers. This made him feel lonely and depressed.

L/Cpl Robinson felt like people were not paying attention to him. His mother said this. She said her son was discouraged from continuing his service complaint.

He told her that he had been warned it would have an impact on his promotion prospects if he pursued the matter.

‘Offered counseling’

One of his superiors said that the service complaint was not taken into consideration when he was being promoted. In 2016, the inquest heard that L/Cpl Robinson sought help from a service run by the Army after his father had died from cancer.

The soldier said he drank too much alcohol to cope with his grief. The doctor said that he was offered counseling and support from Alcoholics Anonymous. Dr. Wall, who now works as a general practitioner for the NHS, told a hearing that mental healthcare in the Army was better than you would get in civilian life.

An inquest is an investigation. It will last for three days.

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