Biden to Showcase Baltimore as Fertile Ground for His Agenda

Biden to Showcase Baltimore as Fertile Ground for His Agenda (1)

BALTIMORE (CSU) —When President Donald Trump was in the White House, he called Baltimore a “disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess.” But now that President Joe Biden is there, he is visiting it first.

Joe Biden will speak to people at the Port of Baltimore about how our new $1 trillion infrastructure package will help. It can lower prices, reduce shortages, and increase union jobs.

Biden wants to show people how Baltimore’s port can help decrease waiting times for ships. The plan includes $17 billion so that ports have the money they need. When ships have to wait a long time, it can lead to higher prices and hurt public opinion of Biden’s economic leadership.

Baltimore’s port is getting bigger. They are adding container cranes and a berth where ships can be unloaded. Baltimore’s port is also benefitting from grants to upgrade the Howard Street Tunnel; This tunnel was made in 1895. It would be expanded so that people can move boxes easier.

Joe Biden talked to the CEOs of Walmart, Target, FedEx, and UPS about how these businesses could help the economy by making investments.

The president’s administration also announced new investments to reduce congestion at the Port of Savannah. This happened after they helped broker a deal for the Port of Los Angeles to operate nonstop.

The president is trying to say that the port congestion shows how strong The president says that the port congestion shows how strong the rebound from the pandemic has been. The National Retail Federation forecasted that imports would be at a record level this year.

In Baltimore, 90% of people voted for Joe Biden. President Obama went to a town hall at CNN on October 21.

Baltimore is a city where many different people live. The city represents the country’s diversity at this time when there are heated national politics.

Many Americans have seen on TV shows about poverty, crime, and empty houses. The death of Freddie Gray has caused people to speak up about how Black people are treated in America.

But Baltimore also has riches. There are people with a lot of money in Guilford. Some people go to private schools and go to Johns Hopkins University.

President Trump called the majority Black city of Baltimore one of the worst in America. He also tweeted about it a lot. Former Vice President Biden sees Baltimore as a test case for his plan to help people in poverty across the United States, and he has been putting money toward helping people in cities like Baltimore with a child poverty rate higher than 30%. The former Vice President has been working on renovating and modernizing Penn Station in Baltimore, which could improve rail transit across the northeast of America.

Joe Biden says he succeeded on a bipartisan infrastructure deal, unlike Trump.

Biden said Tuesday that Trump never delivered for the country’s cities and ports.

So it was left to us. We finished the job.

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