12-Year-Old Found Dead at Hotel in The Colony: Police

12-Year-Old Found Dead at Hotel in The Colony Police (1)

A 12-year-old was found dead on Monday. He was at an extended stay hotel in The Colony. Police from The Colony said that officers responded to the death of a child at the Budget Suites shortly after 1 a.m.

The police found out from the family that the kid was sick. The child had been feeling poorly for a few days. On Monday, the child did not answer when his mom yelled for him. The family called the police to help.

Police said that The Colony Fire Department also reacted and confirmed the child was dead. Police said that detectives had begun an investigation into the death of a child.

Colony Police are investigating the death of a person. They are getting help from Denton County and Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office. Police say they don’t think anything bad happened, but they are still investigating.

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