Swap Shop Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

Swap Shop Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled (1)

People have heard the saying that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. But Netflix shows how it can be true. People trade in things they have in the hopes of making money. They are trying to make a living with their passion when they do this. 

Season 1 of Swap Shop has just come out, so let’s find out if there will ever be Season 2!

Swap Shop Season 2 Release Date

‘Swap Shop’ season 1 was released on Nov. 9, 2021, and has six episodes that are all 27-33 minutes long. These episodes show different people’s hobbies and businesses inside their homes.

Netflix has ordered two seasons of this show. In most cases, they wait to see how it is liked before ordering a second season. But they must have been confident that the show would be good because they had already ordered two seasons before you knew it.

When you renew your show, it means that people will want to watch it. It also helps production stay ahead of schedule. So, if reports are true, we may not have to wait long for a new season of ‘Swap Shop’ to come out. This means that there should be a new season sometime in Q1 2022.

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Swap Shop Season 2 Host and Cast

Since the first season didn’t show us the people who do the radio show, we might not see Jay Phillips. But he will still be on our screens. He will invite us to come to the ‘Swap Shop.’ This is because he can be heard on FM/AM broadcasts and in the show’s first episode. In season 2, we will see people from season 1. Most of them are buyers. We might see Victoria Clooney and Larry from West Main Antiques, JD and Bobby from JD’s Realty and Auction, or The BobMart.

The people who might come back are Dale Kyker and Scott Jones from Kyker’s Extreme Automotive, married couple Jen and Doug from Pickers Paradise, Leo and Danny from Versus ATL, brothers Sammie and Mark Issac from Sammie’s Auction House. Richard Davis and Garin Dickerson from Nirvana Comics might also be back for season two of “Swap Shop.” There will be many new faces this season. That means new passions, new places, new finds, new buys, and more.

What Can Swap Shop Season 2 be About?

The show ‘Swap Shop’ is on the radio. People will be able to find things they want and can trade them away. They will listen to this radio station called WRGS. People who buy and sell things are always looking for deals. If they see something they want, they go out quickly to meet the person that wants to sell it. Then, they try to find a good deal from the seller by negotiating with them. They might spend time fixing the thing and then reselling it for a profit too.

This show has something for everybody, not just one type of person. They have collectible cars and antiques to comic books and morbid oddities. Most reality shows are only about one thing, but this show is for everyone.

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