Final Suspect Arrested in Stabbing Investigation

Final Suspect Arrested in Stabbing Investigation (1) (1)

On Oct 22, 2021, at about 7:48 p.m., a person in the Circle K store was stabbed. They might have been in danger of dying. That’s when police officers were sent to help them.

The police found out about the possible suspect car. The police tried to stop it, but it wouldn’t stop. They chased it around the city, and then finally they caught up to it on Route 152 just east of Billy Wright Road.

A man was arrested for evading. He also had a juvenile with him who was also detained. The two of them were found to be involved in the stabbing. There was another suspect identified and they arrested him on Oct 23, 2021.

All of these people were charged with crimes. They all stayed in jail until they went to court and the judge told them what the charges were.

On Nov 5, 2021, the Los Banos Police Department Detective Division and the Gang Unit found the fourth and last person who stabbed someone at a store on October 22, 2021.

Officers arrested someone named Michael Jordan Perez at the Merced Superior Court. He was there for an unrelated gun possession case. The officers found out the man had a warrant. They put him in jail. He has to pay $1,000,000 bail.

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