Clifford the Big Red Dog : Darby Camp and Jack Whitehall on What To Expect From a Sequel

Clifford the Big Red Dog

This week, the movie Clifford the Big Red Dog will be released. This is a movie based on a book for children. The release of this movie has been delayed because of covid-19. There are too many films that have been delayed because of covid-19, but there is one difference with Clifford, which is that it was shot before covid-19 started to happen, and the lead actor was a pre-teen when the movie was made. When they make another sequel for this movie, she will be 15 or 16 years old, which might affect how it goes.

The character of Clifford in the books is not different from how Emily Elizabeth is in the movies. There are 75 books, and so there’s no shortage of inspiration for a sequel.

Emily is different but the same after four years. She’s older now, so she would be different, but also the same as me. I saw myself in Emily a lot, so it was fun to play her. Doing another one would be about being more like how I am today.

Many people think that they will see character growth from Casey. But this is not the case.

I will not change my face between now and the time of filming for the second movie. “Have you noticed, my face looks like it has not changed in two years?” This is because I have had a lot of plastic surgery to keep it that way. There will be more Botox injected into my forehead to make sure it stays the same. It would be good if I looked identical to myself in a sequel if one is made.

A producer is excited to see the world. He wants to explore the way that Clifford’s friends live in the neighborhood and then explore the world.

In the movie, Clifford’s family of pets is taken away. Emily will be 15. I think that there will be a sequel to the movie, and we can start exploring her life more. I think that we can explore the neighborhood and talk to all of those people. And remember that half of Emily Elizabeth’s family is English. Her mom has an English accent, was raised in England; her uncle came to America too young, so he has an American accent, and I think England might be involved somewhere down the line.

Clifford the Big Red Dog stars Darby Camp, Jack Whitehall, Kenan, Paul Rodriguez, Rosie Perez, John Cleese, and David Alan Grier. This is the live-action movie of the books by Norman Bridwell. The movie will come out on November 10th in theaters and on Paramount+.

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