Peak Comfort TV is back with Joe Pera Talks With You season 3

Peak Comfort TV is back with Joe Pera Talks With You season 3 (1)

In the third season of Joe Pera Talks with You, Joe is looking for a chair to buy for his best friend, Gene. The episode announces that the year is 2018, and this makes it extra warm and cozy. We can safely watch and not worry about anything else in the outside world getting inside because the show is like a bubble around Marquette, Michigan.

Joe Pera is back in his show. He is in a furniture store, and he tries to find the perfect chair for Gene, his best friend. The year 2018 was announced loudly, and it made everyone feel safe to watch the show, knowing that they would not be scared of anything happening outside the bubble of Joe Pera’s town.

That doesn’t mean that there are no heavy themes in this show. The same way the past seasons of the show name what happens on screen, each episode title also states what you can expect to see. In the book, A Bathroom Book For People Not Pooping Or Peeing But Using The Bathroom As An Escape, Pera gives some suggestions about events. One suggestion is about a time that someone had an escape. In this show, Joe talks about the importance of chairs. The show is short and has a lot to think about. It’s not as long as other shows, but it does talk about important things like life and death.

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The show’s approach has changed over time. In season 1, it was all about Joe letting us know what he does. It slowly introduced the people in his life and the things that he does for them. Season two focused on how Joe interacts with those people and what he does for them. And in season 3 is about how those close to him have their own lives- not just bit players anymore. The world of Marquette becomes more alive as well

In this episode, Joe listens to the story. Sarah tells her story about a wine night with new friends to Joe while he cooks her pierogies. This is the first time we see something that Joe didn’t experience firsthand.

It’s hard for Joe Pera to live in the perfect world. It is not an ideal one. We are just seeing it through his eyes. This gives us a better perspective on everything that happens and what he thinks about things, like how he does not want to change schools because of the culture clash between him and the actors (person who plays him). He has a lot of problems with Mike this season, played by Conor O’Malley, who brings more members of his family into their little group.

Sarah met a new group of friends that are good. The best part is the jokes and the sight gags. There are also moments where people can relate to all of us because we have friends and hangovers. The best part is when you show off your second fridge in your garage (Midwesterners know).

Joe Pera shares a lot of things on Instagram. You might want him to share new episodes of his show with the same frequency as he posts photos about tomatoes, but to grow and harvest TV this good takes time. It is worth the wait because it’s so funny and thoughtful, and it gives you all the information you need.

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