Homicide Detectives Investigate Death in Southeast Portland

Homicide Detectives Investigate Death in Southeast Portland (1)

PORTLAND, Ore. (CSU) — Police are investigating a death. They found the person dead in Southeast Portland on Sunday evening.

Police officers went to 148th Avenue and Caruthers Street just after 5:00. They found a dead person.

At first, police thought the person had been hit by a car and that the driver had run away. But a doctor who examined this person said that they were not hit by a vehicle.

The police bureau is in charge of the investigation. They will find out what happened and how it happened. The medical examiner’s office will say what really happened to that person.

Officers closed down 148th Ave. Between Caruthers Street and Grant Street for the investigation.

Anyone who knows anything about the investigation needs to contact Detective Shaye Samora Shaye. You can call or email her. She is at (503) 823-0768, or you can email her at [email protected]

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