Calling All Cny Nonprofits: Share Your Needs for The Holidays and Beyond

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Many charities are feeling the effect of the pandemic that hit Central New York. It has been almost a year and a half since it first started.

Many resources are in short supply, not just at grocery stores or retail shops, but also at these organizations. At the end of the year, these organizations will need more help as they continue to serve our Central New York community.

Nonprofits need help for the holidays. The Advance Media New York is giving you a list of items that they need for their organization.

Nonprofit organizations are asked to give things that they have. They might give canned food, pet food, or even volunteers or money.

Here’s how it work:

If you need clothing, blankets, pet food, or volunteers for a group that is not-for-profit, then call them. If they have a 501c(3) with the IRS, then they can help you.

Come November 30th, the deadline to submit your wish is fast approaching. The best way for non-profits and charities in Central NY to get their wishes granted by collecting donations from people like you! Visit

The list of charities will be published on December 2nd. All donations will be given to nonprofit organizations.

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