A Woman Told Her Social Security Benefits Will Be Held until She Becomes 100 Years Old

Mamie Walker is very mad at the government for taking away her money. She says that it’s all because of a mistake, but no one can explain what happened.

Walker hasn’t been getting benefits for two months. She got a letter from the U.S. Social Security Administration saying she owes over $237,000 in “overpayments” and won’t get benefits again until September 2034. She will be 100 years old then.

“I don’t have that kind of money,” Walker said. “If I had it, I wouldn’t be calling you.” Walker is worried about how she will pay her bills and her landlord already wants to charge more money. According to Walker, his kids do not have anything they can do to help him. So he is in a hole.

This is the second time Walker has asked for help. The government cut her social security benefits and she didn’t know why. They said she owed over $200,000 in old student loan debt but Walker never went to college.

Back then, the Social Security Administration vowed to investigate. Walker’s benefits were restored and there was no problem until now.

Walker’s son, Morrison Walker, is worried about his mother. He said he is fed up with what she does and how it makes him feel.

She always worked hard to get her social security money. But now it is getting taken away from her.

A Social Security representative said that they would investigate this again and see if they can help Walker get her benefits back.

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