Pelosi Tries to Rev House Dems After Season in the Ditch

Pelosi Tries to Rev House Dems After Season in the Ditch

Democrats got a good idea this week of what will happen if they lose the midterm election. They are trying to turn things around before it is too late.

House leaders went inside the Capitol on Friday. They were optimistic because they thought they had enough votes to vote on two important bills for us at home. One is a $1.75 trillion social spending package, and one is a $550 billion infrastructure bill that has been stopped for weeks now. But Nancy Pelosi and her assistants are still trying to get more votes because some people do not want to vote for these bills because Congress’s nonpartisan scorekeepers did not give an estimate of how much money it would cost taxpayers like you and me if we voted yes on these bills.

Pelosi met with her friends who are Black people. They talked about getting enough votes to save the planned vote on Friday. Some Democrats were frustrated because they had been waiting in the Capitol for a long time without a plan.

Democrats in Congress and White House have been on the same page about passing the two parts of President Joe Biden’s agenda. They’re trying to work with both Democrats and Republicans. Only if they can’t, they will do it alone.

We have to stop talking about it now because the situation will only get worse. It is already baked, and now we need to come up with a solution.

We have been talking about the bill for a long time. But problems have come. The Senate centrists have changed their minds, and the White House did not do what they said they would do. And this week we had a big loss in our elections. So, Democratic leaders decided to stop talking about the bill until some people from Senate centrists join us and agreed to get an independent cost analysis of the bill.

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The move can be risky. Some Democrats are still vowing not to vote for the social safety net bill without further guarantees on how much it will cost. Joe Manchin, who is against some parts of the House bill, is a doubtful deciding vote in the Senate. Then the Senate will probably send it back to the House before long.

Joe Manchin is a good person. He’s also decent. But everyone knows that the train has to stop at some point.

On Friday, there will be a vote that was planned. The House leadership team made the plan on Thursday night. They planned to get 12 people to go with them, but it is not surprising because they know the House speaker well. The leader of the Democrats has been in power for a long time. He doesn’t often lose votes. The only problem is that he needs to count how many people will vote for his bills, and this is hard because it depends on things outside his control.

Democrats had to make promises to two groups in the Democratic Party. But they could not keep them because one group wanted more money and the other wanted different policy goals. They had to give up on some things so that the party could stay together.

The House didn’t give the moderates what they wanted. They wanted to vote on an infrastructure bill by the end of September, but they didn’t get it. Now they are saying that only something that agrees with the Senate should be voted on in full.

Nancy Pelosi pulled back after disappointment in what happened. And she also was not able to get the things that she wanted. Nancy Pelosi also had two presidential visits with no results. She took out some of what she wanted for social spending, but senators did not want it.

Democrats were upset when they lost the election. They did not like it. Republicans won, and they are happy. Pelosi also was unhappy with this outcome, so she decided to make a change in the future.

The speaker in her party surprised many people by adding four weeks of paid family leave back into the social spending bill. She made this decision even though there were some who were opposed to it. The House will vote on it this week, even if the Senate does not agree with them.

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People think that we are just moving around and doing the same thing, but it is how you do it. You have to lock in the vote and then send it over.

Some people in the caucus did not like it when our party left together.

Several Democrats were angry about the idea of voting on a bill that had things in it that would not get through the Senate. They warned us of this before we voted. This would make Republicans happy, and they might say mean things about us on TV.

This summer, moderate Democrats warned leaders in their party that they would not back the legislation. If the Senate passed it, there were certain tests that needed to be met. These tests are called Manchin and Sinema. Both seats need to be filled for the bill to pass without a filibuster.

After the party lost in Virginia and other races Tuesday, people were scared. They had more anxiety because they saw that even in areas that have been going blue, things are more difficult now.

Rep. Scott Peters said, “It seems like we are making the bill more complicated and harder to pass.” He is one of the people who have urged leadership to focus on the Senate-passed infrastructure deal instead of trying to pass a rushed bill.

“I think it is ridiculous to add paid leave. I have always said that paid leave would be great. But you know, you need 50 votes in the Senate. It’s not hard math; it’s not even algebra,” Peters said.

The House of Representatives recently decided to put paid leave into the bill. The reason for this was to help people take time off from work. The House had been talking about this for a long time, but it didn’t move forward. But now they have added it back in so it can be talked about more.

Some Democrats said that they think Pelosi’s move was not a gamble. This is because Manchin voted with the Democrats on a bill that would have given federal workers 12 weeks of paid leave.

The speaker took a big swing after some bad months. They watched the Senate pass an infrastructure bill with House priorities. But then they faced demands for a $3.5 trillion social spending package, even though senators had agreed not to go over $1.5 trillion in the final bill.

Even if the Democrats don’t miss, some people think that they need to do more.

Rep. Filemón Vela said that if there was going to be a rush, it should have been before Tuesday’s election.

There is no needed to rush the process. We missed the opportunity to win Virginia’s governor election.

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