Large Area Of Downtown Kenosha Becomes A Crime Scene; 1 Dead, 3 Hurt

Large Area Of Downtown Kenosha Becomes A Crime Scene; 1 Dead, 3 Hurt (1)

Police are investigating a shooting. One person died, and three people were hurt. The three who were hurt went to the hospital but came back to Kenosha.

Gunfire was heard in the morning. It happened at 57th St. and 7th Ave. A woman lives there on the second floor near where it happened.

Sarah Gleason heard 20 shots as she woke up. She saw the immediate aftermath from her window. A large crowd gathered, and people started fighting each other. “There was a fight right here,” Gleason said as she talked to a reporter on the street corner. “There were fights all around here, and the police were trying to stop them.”

A police officer was sprayed with pepper spray, according to Scanner Traffic.

Many different police departments were called in to help Kenosha’s police.

Police used yellow tape to mark a new crime scene. Police blocked off some lanes of the street and closed a business inside the crime scene.

Gleason said she likes living in downtown Kenosha but is having second thoughts.

She blames the Vault for bringing a rough crowd and making it worse. “Before the Vault opened, none of this happened,” she said.
Gleason Said that The business was hosting a birthday party, and it went late into the night. One guy was screaming because he thought this was his birthday.

“I wish people would think about their actions.” She said. It is crazy because they should know what could happen.

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