2 Missing Women Traveling to Utah Are Found, 1 Dead

2 Missing Women Traveling to Utah Are Found, 1 Dead

Kootenai County — Authorities from a place called Kootenai County in Idaho announced that two women who went missing in Oregon were found in a forest.

1 person was found dead, and the other person was found safe in a car.

Authorities say two people are missing. Their names are Kae Turner and Heidi Turner. Heidi is disabled mentally. They were driving to Utah but never made it there.

The mother and daughter got lost in the forest. Their car broke down. The mother tried to walk out of the forest, but she died from being exposed to the cold weather.

The daughter was in the car when it got cold outside. She could stay there and not freeze to death.

On Friday morning, a hunter called the police to tell them he had found something. When the police investigated, they found a body and then later found the person’s daughter nearby.

The incident is still being investigated. Authorities do not think that it was a crime.

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