The Goldbergs Season 9 Episode 8 Release Date, Time, and Spoilers

The Goldbergs Season 9 Episode 8 Release Date, Time, and Spoilers (1)

Beverly was not given a rose. The event was supposed to honor mothers who had children that were very good at sports and track. Beverly felt like she wasn’t good enough for this event. This is a story about two people. One of them is Adam, and the other one is Beverly. Even though Adam doesn’t like doing physical activities, Beverly has another plan to get the rose. We will Say you what happened in episode 7 of season 9, and we’re going to predict what will occur in episode 8 of season 9 too!

The Goldbergs Season 9 Episode 8 Release Date

‘The Goldbergs’ season 9 episode 8 will be released on November 17, 2021. It will start at 8 pm ET on ABC. There has been a break in the show, so we have to wait for this week’s episode, which is normal because each episode lasts 22 minutes.

Where to Watch The Goldbergs Season 9 Episode 8 Online?

The Goldbergs season 9 episode 8 is scheduled to release on November 17, 2021, at 8 pm ET on ABC. The show is on a break right now, and it means we don’t get a new episode this week. Usually, episodes last 22 minutes, and they release weekly every Wednesday.

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The Goldbergs Season 9 Episode 8 Spoilers

The eighth episode, called “A Light Thanksgiving Nosh,” will celebrate the arrival of Thanksgiving. This year, Beverly will not be hosting the event (though she usually does). Linda Schwartz will instead. Beverly is not happy about this and gets sad because she thinks that other people want to take her place as a hostess. Season 9 Episode 8 will be about Pops bringing a new woman over to meet his family and hopefully get married soon. It might surprise people (especially his children) because he usually doesn’t bring women home to meet them.

The Goldbergs Season 9 Episode 7 Recap

The seventh episode of season 9, The Rose-Kissy Thing, is about Senior Night at William Penn Academy. The night honors the mothers of athletes. As Beverly observes Brea’s mother being called to the stage, she feels envious and so decides to change the rules. She asks for Senior Night for non-athletes too. She also protests against student inequality in front of the headmaster.

So, the idea that jocks are better than nerds is gone. Now, even cheerleaders care for former underdogs. But Adam doesn’t like this. He thinks about playing a sport to stop attending Senior Night for non-athletes. Murray says not to, but Adam decides to play anyway so he can be on the other side of things.

Adam feels guilty because he did bad things with Beverly. He goes to the event. Elsewhere, Erica needs a good friend for her wedding day. But all of her friends are busy with their own lives. Then Joanne agrees to help Erica on the day of the wedding, but she is too tired that day after driving all over town. So Erica doesn’t need Joanne anymore, and she apologizes for being too needy in the past.

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