Man Arrested as Police Investigate Antisemitic Chant on Stansted Flight

Man Arrested as Police Investigate Antisemitic Chant on Stansted Flight

A man has been arrested for a crime. He did something bad. Police are investigating his crime. We don’t know what he did, but the video shows him doing something bad to a man named Jewish Man.

Essex police arrested a 55-year-old man at Stansted Airport. He came from Belgium. The video was filmed when people were boarding a plane to go to Belgium.

The people on the airplane are thought to be West Ham supporters who went to watch their game. They lost. The investigation is being led by Tom Simons. The police say they will not tolerate racism or discrimination.

“The police were made aware of what happened this morning, and they arrested the person with the earliest possible opportunity.” When they saw a video of someone being harassed on the plane, the police started an investigation.

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The investigation is going on.

West Ham Football Club said it is “very disappointed” by the antisemitic chanting. The team said: “West Ham United is shocked by what people did in the video. They don’t want to do this. The people who did it are not on the team.”

The club is talking with the airline and other authorities to find out who these people are. The people who sang the antisemitic chant will be banned from the club. This ban is indefinite. The spokesperson said, “We continue to be against all forms of discrimination. We have a zero-tolerance approach.”

“Equality, diversity, and inclusion are important values for the football club. Any people who don’t share those values will not be welcomed.” Essex Police said that if you have any phone footage or information about this incident, please call them at 101.

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