Fourth Stimulus Check Up to $15,000 Approved? Read the Truth Here

Fourth Stimulus Check Up to $15,000 Approved Read the Truth Here

A rumor has been spreading on social media about a new stimulus payment. The rumor says that there will be a fourth stimulus check worth at least $15,000 and given out in batches of several thousand dollars each.

Unfortunately, the news that is being spread by sources like the LALATE YouTube channel is not true. There is a fake news story that says that there will be another stimulus payment. This story spread quickly because it has more than 400,000 subscribers. Even though Google Search trends volume is up for search queries like “4th stimulus checks passed today,” this story is not true. There have only been three payments so far, and the tax credit payments are not part of those three. They haven’t sent anymore, and it’s unlikely there will be one before the end of this year.

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Will there be a fourth stimulus check?

Fourth Stimulus Check Up to $15,000 Approved Read the Truth Here (1)

A few people have gotten checks, including one for $1,200 and another for $600. But the White House is not fighting for more stimulus payments. The President has not to Discuss them in a while, and his press secretary has not mentioned them either. Right now, their focus is on passing the administration’s big social spending bill and moving forward with other parts of Biden’s Build Back Better domestic agenda.

Some websites have shared an unattributed comment from the IRS. They said that there are no plans for a fourth stimulus check.

Child tax credit

As stated, there are two more checks in the six-check series of child tax credit payments. These give money to families with eligible children each month. Some people want to extend these monthly checks for one more year.

Some people want to make the child tax credit payments last for one more year. There are two more checks in this series of six.

Usually, when you get this tax credit, it is like getting money back on your taxes. But this year, Congress split the credit in half and has given people the first half of it now. Instead of giving you all the money at once, they are going to give it to you over six checks.

Next year, the second half of the tax credit will come. It will be for the same amount as you got this year. It will happen in six payments like last year.

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