Food Network and Trisha Yearwood Celebrate a White House Thanksgiving

Food Network and Trisha Yearwood Celebrate a White House Thanksgiving

As families prepare to celebrate the holidays, the White House is welcoming viewers on Thanksgiving. People will come and show what we do for this holiday. They will also show our food and family traditions.

On November 20th at midnight, a special holiday TV show about recipes from the First Family will come on Discovery+. It will have a lot of stories and favorite recipes. The First Lady’s recipe, Grandmom Jacobs’ Savory Stuffing, is one of them. Trisha made a Thanksgiving Gravy recipe too. Susan Morrison from the White House shared her recipe for Apple Crisp so you can make it at home too. And President Biden likes chocolate chip ice cream as well!

The First Lady said that family recipes and traditions make her feel grateful. A lot of people feel this way too. Food is the language of love, and it can connect people. When you invite someone to a meal, they will be happy because they will eat good food and talk with you.
Trisha Yearwood wrote this wants people to love each other. This special is a reminder of what we all have in common: love. We should cherish time together and think about how we treat others at the table.

The Food Network is going to be showing food TV on the holidays. But this special show on the White House is not about recipes. It will tell people how they can find time to celebrate different traditions at home during the holidays, like Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving. And it will talk about new ones that people might think of, like a holiday that has not been named yet. The point of all these celebrations is love for each other.

On Saturday, November 20th at midnight ET/PT, a Thanksgiving special about the White House will air on Discovery+.

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