6 People Shot, One Killed in Violent Ahoskie Bar Incident

6 People Shot, One Killed in Violent Ahoskie Bar Incident (1)

AHOSKIE, N.C. –The police are looking into a bunch of shootings that happened Saturday morning. There were many shots fired, and it was early in the morning.
Around 1 a.m., Ahoskie Police Officers Added they were sent to the Alaysia Bar & Grill for a shooting at the bar. When they got there, they saw over 100 people in the parking lot.

Police found a man who had been shot and killed. Police said that after they dealt with the crowd and secured the scene, they found out that six more people were injured. Some of these people got hurt before they got to the hospital.

Six people went to the hospital. Five of them were shot, and one had a leg injury from running away from the place where the shooting started.

Police told CSU that they were still trying to find the people responsible for the event. A reporter from CSU World Record was told everything was fine and safe at this time.

Police Added while they were at the scene trying to investigate the crime, there was fighting going on by people in the parking lot. It was hard for officers to keep everything safe because of these fights.

The chief said, “This is a very sad night for our community. The crime scene has many guns as evidence because of the different types of gun casings found inside and outside of the nightclub. This violence is senseless, and now six people were shot in one night. I cannot send a comment on the specifics of this case, but people were allowed to enter this establishment with guns which led to shootings in a public parking lot where someone was killed.” Someone shot people at the Alaysia Grill and Bar last night. This can’t happen in our community. If you know anything, please contact Detective Tom Helms with the Ahoskie Police Department as soon as possible.

There were over 100 people inside and outside of the restaurant when this happened. A man with a gun opened fire inside of a club. It had more than one hundred people in it. The man continued to shoot his gun outside the club. I am asking that our community help law enforcement find and arrest the people responsible for these terrible crimes.

There is no other information at this time because the police are investigating.

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