Police Bust Counterfeiters Selling Fake US $100 bills on Facebook

Police Bust Counterfeiters Selling Fake US $100 bills on Facebook

The police found the criminal masterminds in Bangkok by finding an advertisement for 50,000 fake American banknotes on Facebook.

Police found that there was a counterfeiting ring in Bangkok. Police did not know until they looked at Facebook and saw that the criminals were selling counterfeit bills. 50,000 banknotes were made by the criminal masterminds, and they did not try to cover it up.

Police searched the home and found a printing press and a large amount of fake American money. Police seized 36,000 of these bills as well as the printing press. Three suspects were arrested because they said they had made 50,000 counterfeit $100 bills.

The police also tracked down the fourth woman, who was the counterfeiter. She was arrested, too. The police are still looking for other people who have helped this gang to counterfeit money.

Two women said they were recruited by a third woman to sell counterfeit money. The third woman told the police that she was not the one who made the counterfeit money. The two and third and fourth women were in this business together, but it was their first time.

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