Marjorie Taylor Greene Hit With Four More Fines for Refusing to Wear a Mask

Marjorie Taylor Greene Hit With Four More Fines for Refusing to Wear a Mask (1)

A congresswoman refused to follow house rules and was given four more fines.

The House Ethics Committee issued a notice that said that because of four incidents in three days, Greene would have to pay penalties. He did not appeal any of the fines.

Greene has been fined because she refused to wear a mask and to get the Covid-19 vaccine. The person who does this for the first time gets a fine of $500, but then there is an increase for each subsequent violation. Now Greene has been fined more than $15,000 because she would not follow these rules.

A lawmaker in Georgia defended his decision to vote against Democrat mandates. He said that he did not want people to be alone.

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The congresswoman could get more fines soon, even though she makes $174,000 a year. The salary for most House and Senate members is $174,000 a year.

Greene’s office said they had been notified of violations on 19 different dates by the House sergeant at arms. This could lead to almost $50,000 in fines. The dates that are mentioned do not align with the information that was first reported by The Hill, and some of these dates appear to have passed without any fine being issued.

Greene was fined for not wearing a mask in the House. She got another fine because she said it was unconstitutional. This is still being decided in court.

The other Georgian Republican, Andy Clyde, was also fined. He was fined three times for not wearing a mask on the same days as Greene. Andy Clyde does not want to appeal these penalties.

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