Tiktok Catapulting Boston Influencers to Fame

Tiktok Catapulting Boston Influencers to Fame (1)

(CSU) TikTok is a social media platform. It takes videos and posts them online. People can see the posts and show them to their friends. Some people who use TikTok become famous because people watch their posts a lot.

It lets people share videos. They can do this by making a new video, or they can watch videos that others have made.

Kevin Cooney is 26, and he has branded himself as a human alarm clock.

He said, “I am very positive. I drink coffee that is too strong. Sometimes, my friends make fun of me for it.”

Tens of thousands of people like his morning alarms. His TikTok page has over 800,000 followers.

A person said, “I like the creative side of TikTok now.”

Fia James said, “I think I got on TikTok in January of 2020.”

James’ music and comedy have been very popular. He has been followed by famous actors and musicians – for example, someone from The Rock put his own twist on James’ music video.

People were calling me and telling me to go on TikTok. I did, and then I saw a video of a rock that looks like Dwayne Johnson.

James is doing the “influencer thing” full time, and she’s posting her funny TikToks. She also does work for brands, and she has a music career too.

James is making her videos and working with brands. She’s also making music.

Cooney has a lot of people following him online. He started his own coffee company, and he sells merch.

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