Experts Think Prince Harry Might Be Returning To Royal Duties

Experts Think Prince Harry Might Be Returning to Royal Duties (1)

The Queen went to the hospital, and now she needs to rest. She will not be able to do as much as before for a while. This is because her doctors told her that she needed to take it easy for at least two weeks, and that means that she will not be able to do as much work in the coming months and years.

The question about who would take her place has been on the lips of many royal experts. She will decide if she wants to give up any of her work or not, but it is likely that some of the hard work will be passed down to younger royals.

The Queen of England can only do her job if she is not sick or is in a different country. If she is, then her counselors of state can take over. The most important counselors are the sovereign’s spouse and the next four people in line for power. They can only be over 21 years old, which means Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Prince Andrew.

Harry, who is no longer an official Royal with his wife Meghan Markle, would still have to do some work. He would be required by law to act as a counselor of state. Prince Andrew would also be required to do the job, even though he can’t do his work anymore because of a problem with Jeffrey Epstein.


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If Prince Harry (instead of the Queen) took over some of the Queen’s duties, there would be rules about what he could do. The Queen is getting old and will have more duties that she cannot do. So some of these duties will be taken over by other members of the Royal family. Prof Vernon Bogdanor, a writer and expert on the British constitution, said in The Guardian. “The other royals can do anything except for the constitutional functions such as audiences with the Prime Minister and signing acts of Parliament.”


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Basically, there are rules for what the Queen’s counselors of state can do. They cannot do things like taking care of her responsibilities or receive credentials from new ambassadors to the UK. But Prince William and Harry can attend meetings at the privy council, sign documents and take care of other things.

The Queen can do some things that people cannot. She can make more peers; she makes the Prime Minister and does things with the Commonwealth.

It seems like if the Queen takes more time to rest, then Prince Harry might become a Senior Royal again.

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