Teacher Struck Female Student on the Face Several Times After the Girl Claimed on Social Media That the Teacher Had Used the ‘n-word’ in Class

A 60-year-old educator who is named Teacher of the Year was arrested for hitting a student in the face. The girl said that the teacher had used the ‘N-word.‘ Prosecutors say that a 60-year-old teacher was charged with abusing a child on Friday. The English teacher made her court appearance on Saturday.

Prosecutors say that an incident happened at the Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts in Florida. It was unfortunate. The 60-year old woman, Caroline ‘Melanie’ Lee, hit a student on the face and caused her to bleed from her nose. The teacher asked the student who said that word to speak with her on Friday.

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The fight started with an Instagram post of Lee being named Teacher of the Year. People wrote comments saying that the win was not fair, with one person writing: ‘isn’t this the teacher who said it is ok to say the n-word when reading something for educational purposes….’Student: You can’t say the word ‘nigger’ just because of a book. Lee replied that she had only said the word in the context of talking about John Steinbeck’s book, Of Mice and Men. Students retorted that it doesn’t matter how you say the word; using it at all is bad.

Lee, the teacher, asked the girl what she was doing earlier. The girl said she wasn’t doing anything like that. But then Lee hit her with her hand on her nose and made it bleed. She then allegedly hit the girl on the head and said, ‘f***ing b****.’

The girl grabbed the teacher’s hands to stop them from hitting her. The 60-year-old female teacher kicked the student in her leg and told her to leave. She said she was only trying to talk to the child who sent a message about killing her.

The student was walking in her classroom when the teacher walked quickly to her. The teacher hit the student in the face. The student later walked to a guidance counselor’s office and told them what had happened.

The teacher thought that the student’s online comment on her life was a threat. The 60-year-old woman was released on Saturday and will be back in court on November 22.

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