Lightfoot, Pritzker Get Court Win in the Fight Over Vaccine Mandates

Lightfoot, Pritzker Get Court Win in the Fight Over Vaccine Mandates (1) (1)

A federal judge in Chicago denied the motion of 130 firefighters and other city employees who wanted to stop the enforcement of the city’s requirement that its workers report whether they have obtained the COVID-19 vaccination or risk being put on no-pay status.

During the hearing, which lasted an hour, the judge carefully examined the arguments in this lawsuit. He said that he did not see any evidence that either of these two people had overstepped their boundaries.

The judge said that there is not any scientific evidence to show that people who have had the virus have better natural immunity than those who take the vaccine.

Lee said that some people are making the same arguments that the Chicago-based 7th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected just this summer. This Court ruled that Indiana University can proceed with its plan to require students and employees to get vaccinated for the virus.

The judge said that the city’s attorneys proved that they were likely to be successful. He told them to come back next week with more information.

Lightfoot ordered a law requiring people to get a vaccine. The police officers’ union tried to make a new law saying she couldn’t make them do it. But Lee, who is the judge, ruled that they cannot change the law.

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