Season 2 of Saved by the Bell Reboot Will Pay Tribute to Dustin Diamond and His Character Screech

Season 2 of Saved by the Bell Reboot Will Pay Tribute to Dustin Diamond and His Character Screech (1)

In the next season 2 of Saved by the Bell, Dustin Diamond will be on it.

Diamond died in February. He was 44 years old. Diamond played a character on Good Morning, Miss Bliss before Saved by the Bell. Diamond also starred in a spinoff of Saved by the Bell called The College Years and The New Class.

He didn’t star in the new Saved by the Bell show that came out last year, but before he died, he talked with the executive producer about “potential stories that would include him.”

The new season of the TV show starts on November 24th. The showrunner said that she did not meet Diamond, but they want to do more than just put a picture up at the end of the episode.

Wigfield said that Screech’s friends wanted to help too. They wrote a scene where their characters meet again at the Max to remember Screech.

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In the beginning of this season, we already knew that Season 2 would be about Dustin. But in the first episode, everyone was feeling a strong sense of people were understanding how tough last year was.

“She would have been wrong not to say that in a real way and not to have our original characters mourning this character who we will never see again,” Wigfield added.

Last week, Peacock on TV showed pictures of the new season. They showed pictures of The Max at school.

She told CSU World Record she wanted the tribute to Diamond to be sensitive.

A real guy had people who liked him. It is not good to make jokes about him or talk about him in a way that might hurt someone’s feelings.

In this season of the reboot, there will be clips from the original series. They are carefully chosen. The producer said this.

Screech was known for being the butt of a joke, but he also had other important roles. We wanted to show that he was important on the show and how he affected other characters too.

The second season of “Saved by the Bell” will be on television starting November 24th.

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