‘Insecure’ Recap, Season 5, Episode 2: Pick Up Your Feelings


In the last episode of “Insecure,” we watched Molly and Issa take steps to be happy. They stopped looking for men, and they started living their lives.

So it is a good idea that we start this second episode of “Insecure” in fast forward. In a short scene, you can see Issa working on The Blocc and spending time with Molly, who has an ice-cream haircut. By the time the scene ends and the action starts, one year has passed.

The Blocc has 10,000 followers on Instagram from people all over the world. Issa is celebrating this by taking a picture of herself in front of her bathroom mirror.

She is saying that the block is “hot.” In other words, it is a hot item or in demand. She has been doing yoga and volunteering for tasks at work. The girls seem to be happy and love each other.

In this episode which we get to see the friendship between Issa and Molly. One time, Issa gave Molly a pillow for a sleepover. When Molly was asleep on the couch watching T.V., she just went to her room because it was home too. The friendship between these girls survived through deep trouble on the show – it was their love for one another that remained.

In this Issa- and Molly-focused episode of “Insecure,” I was reminded about how beautiful Black people’s skin looks. The tones on the show are perfect, especially on Issa Rae and Molly. I’ve never seen skin that looked so good on T.V. before.

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Issa and Nathan go to a sleepover. We find Issa with Nathan. Yes, the same Nathan that had Molly breaking into his house in Season 4. (He had a good reason then but … yes, him.) The current situation seems like they are just friends, but you can tell there is chemistry between these two.

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We find out more about The Blocc. They help put on Black cultural events. One of their clients is a designer named Crenshawn, who is committed to his vision for a fashion show. He hires the character, Issa, who comes from Pyer Moss and has a cameo in it. Crenshawn got into fashion while he was in prison. He hires people who are also in prison to give them experience. For the show, he wanted a live band and the L.A. lifestyle like models on lowrider bicycles and drumming performances, but the sponsors (who help pay for things) did not think his vision was good enough for them.

Issa is a lawyer. She wants her client to get justice, but she decides to compromise. Crenshaw is not happy because he did not agree with the changes. On the day of a fashion show, Issa watches in horror as lowriders, drummers, and other performers encircle the uptight sponsor in the front row. But then comes a twist: sponsor ends up enjoying it and thanks Issa for sticking to her guns. She did that even though she didn’t really stick to them at all – it was Crenshaw who remained firm in his vision instead.

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Issa is working really hard, and she is trying to be a good person. But sometimes, people don’t like how hard she works, and they say that she has sold out. She gets mad because they don’t understand that she’s supporting them too.

One person who has been better at supporting Issa lately is Molly. She stood up with her at the fashion show for a performance that was cringy. They have spent a lot of time together in the year since they last saw each other. So much so that Molly’s Mom tries to set her up with someone from her church, which makes trap songs into gospel music.

Molly hesitates to join the dating app. When she finally does, she has trouble with the sentence. She remembers what people have said about her in the past. They are flashbacks from when Molly is on a date with someone else. This is clever because it shows what Molly is feeling inside of herself even though she is not showing it on her face or saying anything to anyone about it.

Issa was sad after the fashion show. This made her think she was ready to date again. She invited Nathan over for drinks. She went to bed, and Nathan came too, but when he tried to kiss Issa, she moved away and cried.

“I’m so sorry, I thought I was … I thought I was ready,” she said.

“It happens,” Nathan says.

The man stays in the room with Issa to help her calm down, and then he leaves. Issa wakes up when she hears the door shut. She is alone in her bed.

At the beginning of the episode, it seems like they have healed. They had spent time with their friends and at their jobs. But by the end of the episode, we see that there are some consequences to this choice. They had been distracted by each other too much.

Molly and Issa have not really dealt with their past breakups. They have been too much busy hanging out and focusing on their jobs. But buried feelings do not stay hidden. It only takes one romantic encounter or filling out a dating app to bring them back up.

Girls need time to fix the damage from old mistakes. They have already forgiven each other; now, they should also forgive themselves.

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