One-eyed Rescue Dog Reacts With Delight After Learning She Is Being Adopted

One-eyed Rescue Dog Reacts With Delight After Learning She Is Being Adopted

An animal rescue worker captured the happy moment when a disabled dog who survived in a puppy mill was told she would be adopted.

Joe Kay is a dog adoption coordinator. Dogs are trained and cared for. He shared an emotional video on TikTok where he rescues dogs. The video has been watched 1.1 million times.

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In the video, Kay can be seen holding a card. On the card, it says, “adopted, please hold.” Kay is in a cage with a one-eyed dog in it.
Is this for you? Am I helping you? Is this for you, one-eyed Ann? He asks as he approaches her container. Ann, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is excited by Kay’s arrival. She wags her tail and jumps around when she hears his voice.

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“This is for you!” he tells her. “You are waiting to be adopted. Yes, you are!”

Ann is sad because she has to stay in a cage. She turns around and almost yelps, but she can’t. But then she hears good news, so her sadness goes away. People liked the clip of her being happy about the good news, so they liked it too.

Christina Perdomo wrote that she was very excited. Jules11177 said that the dog is precious. Toni Klein replied with two things: one, how much her tail was wagging–and two, how sweet her eyes are. Spymylittleye joked about the dog getting so excited it could fall over if its tail got any more excited.

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One of the most powerful responses came from Shawn Whitney, though, who said: “Anyone who adopts, just know I appreciate you changing these kids with paws’ future for the better.”

Ann is a puppy mill survivor, according to the hashtag that she uses. estimates that 90% of all puppies come from puppy mills. These are commercial breeding facilities where they mass-produce dogs. The animal adoption charity estimates that as many as 90% of puppies from pet stores come from puppy mills, which are places for mass-production of dogs.

Animals in that place can suffer from hunger and thirst. Also, while sick or dying, dogs get little to no vet care. Puppy mills take kittens and puppies from their mothers at young ages, which can make them have bad behaviors. Adults may be killed and thrown away when they cannot produce more offspring.

One-eyed Rescue Dog Reacts With Delight After Learning She Is Being Adopted (1)

Ann’s story is about a girl who was hurt. The dog Haddie was hurt too. The person made her bait for dogfights. But she got adopted and found love again.

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