Ondo Lawmaker Empowers 50 Youths

Ondo Lawmaker Empowers 50 Youths

Rasheed Elegbeleye said that he had talked to the Bank of Industry to ask for low credit loans for people in his state. He talked about how The Bank of Industry helps youths with their skills.

Lawmaker Rasheed Elegbeleye of Ikare-Akoko has empowered 50 youths by organizing a one-month training program for them. The news is generated by Rasheed, who said that the need to empower youths is because they are the country’s future leaders. He says that those making law, those working with the police, and those who work as judges need to be trained and empowered to help with unemployment.

Elegbeleye said at the end of a one-month training program. He organized it to train 50 youths in Ikare Akoko.

Elegbeleye said that the only way to stop high crime waves is by training and empowering youths.

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People who work to make the law can help with unemployment. They could provide training if they were properly empowered to do so. “Elegbeleye Said”

The lawmaker said that it is not enough for him to only call on governments to do something about the young people in the country. He also needs to show this by doing something himself.

Lawmakers need to help reduce the problem of youth unemployment. This is a big problem, and we need to do something about it. One way is by following up on projects in our constituencies and making sure they are getting the money they need. I ask my colleagues at both the state and national levels to search their conscience about what we do with constituency projects in particular.

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