New Jersey, Pennsylvania Collaborate in Ghost Gun Case

New Jersey, Pennsylvania Collaborate in Ghost Gun Case

A man from New Jersey, who is now in prison, bought more than a dozen kits at an exhibition in Pennsylvania for making ghost guns. Ghost guns are untraceable, so he can’t be caught by the law.

A man from Lincoln Park, New Jersey, was indicted this week. He is being accused of five crimes. One of the crimes is a second-degree unlawful possession of an assault firearm which is a crime that people would commit if they had an illegal gun with them and wanted to hurt someone. Another crime he is charged with is third-degree purchasing firearm parts to make firearms without serial numbers. The other three crimes are related to firearms and ammunition magazines (which hold bullets).

His girlfriend was also charged with one charge of fourth-degree possession of a large-capacity magazine.

Ghost guns are guns that have no serial numbers. Authorities cannot trace them.

A message was left with the lawyer who is defending Pillus.

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The attorneys general for New Jersey arrested someone. This is because ghost guns are illegal in New Jersey. A judge in Pennsylvania put a hold on the police policy that told retailers to call the background check system and not just use it online.

The police want you to know that they are serious about prosecuting people who bring illegal guns into New Jersey. They will try to stop the flow of these weapons. These weapons usually come in the form of untraceable “ghost guns” that criminals like.

Shapiro is running for governor next year. He asked why Pennsylvania lawmakers haven’t done something like what New Jersey did.
This case also shows us that we need new laws to stop people from getting guns. These are not real guns, but they are dangerous. They are called “ghost guns.” I want to stop this so people can be safe in their communities.

A guy from Pennsylvania bought 13 gun kits in a gun show in September. Authorities followed him to his house, where they found a rifle that was not registered and a lot of things that could be used for making guns. They also found magazines for rifles and guns with parts to make more.

Shapiro says that the cooperation between law enforcement in both states helped make the charges in this case.

New Jersey has made its already strict gun laws even stricter. They are called the New Jersey Anti-Violence Bill of 2018. The bill was signed by Governor Phil Murphy, who is running for reelection

If he is reelected, Murphy promises more gun safety laws. Among the laws that Murphy has already written is a law that made it illegal to transport guns without a permit and reduced the size of magazines from 15 rounds to 10 rounds.

The indictment came after a partnership between the states was made in 2020. The agreement is about stopping interstate gun trafficking and solving gun crimes. It’s called the PA/NJ Gun Trafficking Initiative.

This law also comes just after an agreement between governors. Four governors agreed to share gun crime data with the police.

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