Lindsey Morgan will exit Walker in season 2

Lindsey Morgan will exit Walker in season 2

The Texas Ranger Micki Ramirez will be leaving the show, Walker, during season two. She was on the show since season one. Lindsey Morgan, who starred with Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki (Cordell Walker) for seasons one and two, will also be leaving the show.

Morgan posted a long message on her Instagram. Morgan’s reasons for leaving are emotional.

It is hard for me not to do my role as “Micki Ramirez” anymore. I have personal reasons for this.

Well, I am very thankful to the team at The CW and CBS Studios, and I want to thank Anna Fricke. She was a good showrunner. Jared Padalecki was also helpful too. They supported Mine decision, even though it was hard for them.

This decision I made is my choice. I am happy to have done it. Thank you to all the people involved in the show who have supported me and been nice to me. This cast, crew, production, writing team, and the studio have been safe and joyous.

It is not clear how Micki will be written off the show or whether she will have any episodes in Walker. The CW and CBS gave a statement that there is an opportunity for her to come back on the show.

We respect Lindsey Morgan’s decision to stop being a regular on Walker. We wish her the best. She is a very talented actress, and she will be missed. But we will leave open the door for her to come back again if she wants to.

Morgan was on a show called The 100. Raven Reyes is a smart, sassy girl. Morgan played her for seven seasons, and 6 of them were as a series regular.

Micki’s departure from Walker was a good thing for the crime drama. Micki became one of the first female Texas Rangers in history.

In the second season premiere that aired earlier this week, Micki goes undercover for a dangerous case. It makes Walker and the law department worry. But it wasn’t the first time they were worried about her. In the first season, she gets caught in a tornado and also meets criminals who are notorious.

The “Walker, Texas Ranger” reboot was a success. It made money right away. The CW gave Odette Annable (who is in the show now) more money because she will be on it all the time starting this year.

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