Government Must Explain Benefits of Proposed Voter ID Law

Government Must Explain Benefits of Proposed Voter ID Law

When you show up to vote, they will ask for your ID. This is normal.

COVID-19 has given us an opportunity to tell authorities when and where we are spending time. We have also had the chance to stop the spread of COVID-19. We show our ID and vaccination status when we go to the pub. Younger Australians don’t care about their privacy on social media.

The Morrison government introduced new rules last week. These rules will make it so that people need to show their IDs like a driver’s license, Medicare card, or bank statement when they vote at the next federal election. Many people do not like these new rules and say they won’t vote because of them.

The government is trying to fix a problem. The problem is that there are not enough jobs for everyone. There needs to be a change because the people who need jobs cannot find them. The likely consequence of this move is that more people will have jobs and fewer people will be unemployed.

On Thursday, the Minister talked about a law that would prevent people from casting multiple votes. He said it would stop people from doing things like voting under false identities.

This bill will make Australian voting be the same as it is in other Liberal democracies. People won’t be turned away from voting because they don’t have a voter ID. But the Australian election commissioner said that there is not much evidence of people voting more than once.

The AEC gave evidence to the Committee that in the 2019 elections, there was just 0.03% of people who voted more than once. This was a small amount, so it is not a problem.

The AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) said that there is much speculation about people voting more than once.

“It is completely understandable that people want to make sure that they vote only one time. It can be hard to know if you voted before, so it is important to do everything possible to make sure.”

The AEC supports the introduction of new rules for people who vote more than once. They recommend that these people vote by declaration vote, which is different from how they voted before.

This is like what the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters said in its report.

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In 2018, James McGrath argued that it was a regretful omission that Australia did not take elections as seriously as it should. He said that Australians don’t treat going to a surf club or going into a Brisbane CBD pub after 10 pm on a Friday night the same way they do with an election.

Donald Trump was the former President of the United States. He said that people voted fraudulently in America. People disagreed with this statement and were not happy with him because many people thought that his words harmed our democracy.

In Australia, the Australian Electoral Commission shows that people do not often commit fraud.

In this sentence, the word disenfranchisement means taking away someone’s power or right to vote. The solution to a problem we arguably don’t have is a way to talk about how the problem may not be as big as people think.

Opponents of the bill are worried about the bill creating a two-tiered society.

There are some people who don’t have a driver’s license. For example, they might not have a car or deal with government things.
Not every person who is homeless can afford an expensive phone to identify themselves. Indigenous academics and human rights groups argue that proposed voter identification laws, which are called “racist” by Labor, could actually stop many people from voting because they do not have a phone.

The Australian Human Rights Commission made a submission to the Senate in September. They recommended that One Nation’s separate voter ID bill be blocked. The Commission said this would create a barrier for people who don’t have any identification documents, and it would make them not able to vote.

The government has a plan to make a law that would require people to show ID in order to vote. If they get the support of just one person, it will pass.

The government must explain why a proposal is a good idea and why it is better than the other suggestions that people have.

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