Fear The Walking Dead season 11 episode 2: Things To Note

Fear The Walking Dead season 11 episode 2 Things To Note

Fear the Walking Dead is a show. Morgan and Grace are characters in the show. This week, on Fear The Walking Dead: Things To Note! Morgan and Grace go out into the wasteland and make friends and enemies.

It is time again!❗❗

The previous week’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead showed us what Morgan and Grace have been doing to survive the wasteland. They have not been doing it quickly.

In this episode, we saw that Teddy’s cult put a nuclear missile on Earth. Months later, life for Morgan and Grace has been challenging. Food is scarce, and they don’t have many places to search for it. The search is getting harder every day.✔

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Dead people are now infected with more radioactive slime, which can make it more difficult to kill them. Even if the attack misses, they might be exposed to the poisonous air that they are trying to avoid.

This was not all I saw in the episode. We were given many small details, hints, clues, and references. If you’re new here, that’s my specialty. I make it a mission to find as many of these as possible so that you don’t have to look for them later on your own.

Are you ready? This is the part of Fear The Walking Dead where we talk about things to note!

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