3 Reasons To Look Forward To The 2nd Season Of “Yumi’s Cells”

Yumi's Cells

The tvN show, “Yumi’s Cells,” has ended. But there is more to come!

This story is about Yumi. She is an ordinary woman who struggles to say what she thinks and feels. Kim Go-Eun played this role. Ahn Bo Hyun played Goo Woong, a straightforward person who tells the truth.

There are three reasons why the first season of the show was special. Drama fans hope for a second season.

1. Live-action and 3D animation are a good combination. It helps in the movie.

Yumi’s Cells is a Korean drama that was especially popular. It had two parts: live-action and animation. People liked the show a lot because it was something different than what they usually see on TV.

The cells in Yumi’s head live with her. They are cute and funny, and people like them. The story starts with the first season. In this season, Yumi is sad because she can’t get a job. But after she meets the cells, it gets better. People want to know what happens next in the second season!

2. This is about Yumi’s normal life, which is similar to other people.

Yumi’s story was special because it was not different. It showed realistic love and everyday life that someone would have. The drama got people’s sympathy because it could happen to anyone.

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This drama has good times and bad times. It is about love. One of the characters thought she needed another person to have a happy ending, but she came to a realization that the main character in her story was herself. The show made people feel better when they realized this about themselves too.

Yumi’s story will continue in the second season. It is unknown how her cells will change and mature as she goes through changes and matures.

3. Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun’s acting skills were very good. 

The actor’s performance was the thing that made the drama so good. The actress did her best to give an emotional performance. The actor acted in a funny way, and it worked really well with his role. The two actors had very good chemistry. The feeling of a real-life love story came from them acting together.

People are looking forward to the performance of Jinyoung from GOT7. He played a role in season 2, and Lee Yoo Bi and Park Ji Hyun were also hot topics because they matched their characters, Ruby and Seo Sae Yi. Miriam, Jung Soon Won, and Joo Jung Hyuk were also scened stealers. Minho from SHINee made an appearance as well. People liked this drama as a whole because all the actors did a great job!

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