Woman Goes Viral For Hilarious Videos Of Husband Terrorizing Neighborhood In Michael Myers Costume

Woman Goes Viral For Hilarious Videos Of Husband Terrorizing Neighborhood In Michael Myers Costume (1)

Sabrina Zimmerman has gone viral on TikTok. She did this for a year, and her husband dressed up like Michael Myers from the “Halloween” film, and he embarrassed her and her kids.

The original video has been seen over 5 million times on Facebook and over 1 million times on TikTok.

The viral TikToks feature her husband’s scary Michael Myers costume.

Zimmerman’s husband went to a football game with their son. On the way back, he wore a Michael Myers costume and was riding a bike with a skeleton baby in the carriage behind him.

“Why do we have a skeleton baby and my bike?” she asks her husband. “Are we these people now? Riding around?”

The classic Halloween music is playing in the background as her husband, Evan Zimmerman, just stares at her without saying anything.

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“I will commit you if you do not come home!” she said to me before turning to her son. “I went to pick you up from a football game, and your dad was there. However, his father had only been there in September. It wasn’t October yet. Once it hit October, she drove by a cornfield on the way to her son’s school when he saw his dad standing there watching the road.”

Once Sabrina dropped her son off, she went back around and yelled at Evan. “Get in the car!”

“Evan, you’re supposed to be at work. Mason is really mad and embarrassed. Get in the car,” she told him. “There are little kids going to school and coming from school, and you’re standing by a field.”

Sabrina Zimmerman’s town of Decatur, Indiana, is in on the joke.

Evan does a lot of fun things in Decatur. He went everywhere on bike, scooter and even peered into the window of businesses. Evan also came to his son’s football game as a cheerleader.

In the Video comments of one of her TikToks, someone said that they were “totally obsessed” with the videos. They also said, “You guys are brilliant.”

There was a video where the police in the town got in on the joke, too.

The police followed him all the way to their house. They pretended that they were going to pull him over for something.

Evan is driving without a seatbelt. One officer said, “We want you to keep making videos, but they have to be safe.”

The officer is talking to Sabrina. He takes the flashlight from the other officer’s belt and makes the light strobe on his face. They tell him to stop, and he does.

Later in the video, we see him in the police car. He is using the microphone to make noise through a loudspeaker before they take him to the station and take his mugshot with his costume still on.

The Michael Myers of Decatur often plays tricks on the police and his neighbors. He also sometimes does these to his wife. When this happens, Sabrina usually tells him that he is an idiot and she needs him home or in her car.

In October, Evan will have more time before November comes. Michael Myers stops coming in November.

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