Why On My Block Killed Two Fan Favorite Characters In Season 4

Why On My Block Killed Two Fan Favorite Characters In Season 4

The On My Block season 4 finale killed two of the most popular characters. One was Oscar Diaz (Julio Macias) and Ruby’s Abuelita, Marisol (Peggy Blow). The reason they died is that they were shot by an unknown assailant in front of their home. Abuelita died after fighting cancer. The Core Four went to their senior prom. On My, Block had four deaths in season 4.

Throughout On My Block, Oscar and Abuelita impacted the four main characters a lot. Cesar’s brother is called Oscar. He acted as their big brother even when he was known as “Spooky,” the leader of the Santos gang. Oscar helped Ruby over his depression in season 2 after Olivia’s death. 

He was also there for the Core Four when they were being targeted by the Prophet$. He saved them by framing them for the Freeride Savings robbery. Oscar comforted Monse after her mom died in season 3. Abuelita was a good friend and mentor to Jamal.

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The woman encouraged Jamal to find the RollerWorld fortune. She was the driver for their adventures and helped them wash money from RollerWorld. Oscar and Abuelita’s deaths were necessary for On My Block season 4 because she had a lot of influence on Jamal, Diego, Ruby, and Brandon.

Oscar was killed because his death made Cesar want to leave Freeridge. He had a life before, and he tried to leave, but someone told him he couldn’t. Oscar changed his life, starting a new one with his family, and was about to move away from Freeridge for good in On My Block season 4. Oscar died before he escaped Freeridge.

Cesar decides to honor his brother’s legacy by building the life Oscar deserved for himself. Cesar plans to achieve this goal by following his own dream: moving close to his niece, going to college, and becoming an architect. 

Despite the fact that Santos is a family, Oscar’s death also made Cesar realize that they didn’t protect him when he needed them. So he leaves them for good before they try again to kill him.

Oscar’s death influenced Cesar’s character growth. But Abuelita’s death also had an impact on all 4 of the main characters. For example, when Cesar, Monse, Ruby, and Jamal were not speaking after the Core Four broke up in On My Block season 3, Abuelita sent them a fake ransom letter in season 4 with the aim of bringing them back together.

 When the four of them are about to graduate from high school, Abuelita leaves them a treasure map. It is similar to Lil Ricky’s. She has left it for them after she died. It will lead them to the RollerWorld money that they forgot about. So Jamal, Ruby, Monse, and Cesar will still be friends even though they’re going away to college and no longer live in Freeridge. Abuelita’s speech might have meant that the Core Four is for each other. That means Abuelita was for a person.

Besides providing character growth, Oscar and Abuelita died. They were similar to Cesar when he was a child. Cesar is now making the decision to move to Portland for his brother’s daughter. Abuelita’s death helped end the series. The show began and ended with a party. This is just like in the first episode of season 1 when the Core Four was spying on people at the high school party.

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