Illinois Dems Embrace Gerrymandering in Fight for US House

Illinois Dems Embrace Gerrymandering in Fight for US House

Democrats are fighting to maintain control of the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2020 election, but they need help from other states that can make it hard for Republicans.

Yesterday, Illinois Democrats used their power in the state to put new maps for congressional districts. They did this, so there are more Democrats in Washington.

In Illinois, Democrats have been drawing district boundaries for political party benefits. This is a way of rigging the election. They do this by making shapes that are hard to understand. In these shapes, there is no logic, and they’re not easy to read.

This map is from the Republican Party. They think it will help them win. They are very desperate because they do not have much money. Both parties do gerrymandering, but Republicans were more active in 2011 when they did it. Barack Obama traveled to the Illinois Capitol to talk about how gerrymandering is a problem since it makes America’s political system broken. It happened because of packing some people into one area and scattering others elsewhere for a party’s advantage.

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Democrats want other people’s power. They are not in charge. They must have someone else draw the lines of their House. And they have a chairman to tell them what to do, but he is not always here.

Democrats in Illinois did something. They had more seats, but they lost a seat because there were not enough people there. The map has been changed to make it fairer. Princeton Gerrymandering Project said this map was bad, and it had an “F” grade because the Democrats have an advantage in these districts.

Maps are drawings of places. Maps show where things are. These maps are about the states of the U.S., and they could be important for who will run Congress next year because sometimes people who have more power, like Republicans right now, make these maps that control how the states are organized. The maps can decide what happens in each state’s elections and who is in charge of running their schools and hospitals.

Illinois Democrats defended the maps they released late Thursday and passed a short time later. They said that the maps ensure that minorities and other people in Illinois have an equal voice.

This map is fair, and it reflects the diversity of Illinois. Laws were made to unite communities that share political beliefs and objectives. Democrats added a second Latino district. They also made sure there were three Black districts.

Ten House Republicans voted to impeach Donald Trump. They were put into the district with Adam Kinzinger and Darin LaHood. Mike Bost and Mary Miller also live in that district.

Hours after the new map was made, the congressman said that he would not be running for Congress. The congressman said that he could not focus on being a congressman and fighting for his country because sometimes people want to stop President Trump from being president.

Republican Representative Rodney Davis might challenge Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker next year. If he does, he will be part of a safe Republican district that is all over the state and surrounds another Democratic-leaning district. The Democrat Nikki Budzinski, who used to work for J.B., is running for this seat and the former aide to Vice President Joe Biden. She wants to defeat him in his own party’s district even though it takes her nearly 200 miles outside from the University of Illinois where she went to school and lives with her family now in St Louis, Missouri instead of Illinois because she was born there and became a citizen when her father retired from his job at age 65; they moved there when Nikki was 15.

Not all Democrats were happy. The party drew in a new district for Marie Newman, putting her in the same district as Jesus Garcia. This was done to make the current district more Latino.

Newman, who ran for office in 2020 and won, announced that she would run this Friday again. The new district is much like the one she currently represents.

The Illinois Senate voted yes to the maps at night. Republicans were no, and they passed the House early in the morning.

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