‘Destiny 2’ Confirms November Is Its Month Of This Season

'Destiny 2' Confirms November Is Its Month Of This Season (1)

Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost is now six months long because the Witch Queen’s release date was delayed. We knew there would be time without new content, but Bungie has now marked out November as a “catch-up” month. It will last all of November plus one week in December.

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost is ending on Tuesday, November 2. Destiny 2’s 30th Anniversary Event with a new free activity and new paid dungeon begins on Tuesday, December 7. In between these 2 events, we have one Iron Banner and then weekends when we play Trials. So now is good time to take a break from playing Destiny 2.

After the Iron Banner event is over next week, trials will still be available with new changes. You can also use the time to catch up on some catalysts or finish anything else in your quest log. We have some fun things program for our 30th anniversary on December 7. It will be a great time to play Destiny!

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I don’t think that they are trying to be sneaky with this, and I am not expecting them to give us a surprise puzzle for this month. They might do it in the future, but it is not likely for this month. Destiny 2 is on a break while we wait for the new content. But even if we can’t play Destiny 2, Bungie isn’t taking a break and is working hard on Witch Queen and other things in the future. Some people will like that there is no content right now because they need a break from playing or want more time before playing again, while others will complain about how long they have to wait until there’s new content.

After that, we don’t know what is happening. December will bring us a new activity with six people, and we can do dungeons for money. The Dawning is also at this time. Then Moments of Triumph will give us a long list to check off, and then the big story is when Savathun’s worm gets exorcised, and Witch Queen gets released.

I think that there will be downtime in December, January, and February. But I don’t know how replayable the new content is going to be. It might depend on if Moments of Triumph asks us to do something or not. For example, there’s usually a Solstice of Heroes event with it. So it’s weird to see this event stand by itself now. I also have questions about other things happening – like Mithrax and Saint trying to find Sagira, as well as Crow dealing with his past life as Uldren.

So, if nothing interesting happens in the game for five weeks, don’t be too surprised. The game will be on vacation until the anniversary. Then things will get more interesting again. Keep check back to see what is going on with the game!

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