Cat Goes for Spin Inside Washing Machine in Adorable Video Viewed 17M Times

Cat Goes for Spin Inside Washing Machine in Adorable Video Viewed 17M Times

Some people like the video of a kitten exploring a washing machine, but some think you should be careful with your cat.

This video clip is about a kitten called Taro. He is a Munchkin British shorthair cat. His mommy Jenny Lipton made this video, and she asked us to wish the kitten good luck before he goes to the vet for surgery.

A small white and grey cat can be seen going to a door. Then the video cuts to the cat going inside a machine. The clip shows a machine. Taro is inside the machine and getting used to his new home.

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Soon enough, the kitten can be seen playing. The washing machine was turned into a hamster wheel for the kitten to play on. The video is popular. It has more than 19 million views. People can see it here.

Most people who love cats on TikTok liked this video.

He’s doing his workout. He’s doing more than I have in a while, banana_gachauvu joked. love than I Have had in quite some time.”

Vivianvangoh said that Taro might have been a hamster in another life, and cardcaptorraptor suggested that Lipton get her cat its own tiny wheel to practice on.

@jennytipton_he actually had a surgery today so send some well wishes🥲💔(this is a draft) #fyp #catlover #bestfriend #pet♬ Nuestra Canción (feat. Vicente García) – Monsieur Periné

Some people on social Internet sites were concerned about a cat’s safety because of a video they saw. They thought it was cute, but then they wanted to know what would happen if the cat turned on by accident. They also wanted to tell Lipton that she should be more careful with her cat.

One time my cat was in the dryer. My mom did not know, and she turned it on. The cat lived because it was not on for long. But other cats have died because they were turned on for too long. Bakubearz said: “It’s really so cute, but that’s how my grandma’s friend’s cat died.”

In a comment, Lipton said they only let Taro go inside the machine for a minute. Even though many people were worried about this, Lipton’s comment made them feel better.

There are some times that a cat is stuck in a washing machine. They are able to get out before they die.

A kitten who is named Comet was lucky to survive after being stuck in a washing machine for several minutes during a hot cycle. It was hard to hear him meowing, but his owner saved him after she did CPR.

In 2020, a cat named Oscar went into the washing machine and stayed there for 12 minutes. He was rescued when his owner saw him in there.

Cats have a way of cheating death.

This week, CSU World Record reported on a cat named Trudie. Trudie was hit by a bus and spent 16 days in the wilderness. Now, she is home with a new family.

These kinds of stories can happen with cats, but not just with cats.

Haddie was a dog that was used as “bait” for illegal dog fights. The dog has now made a recovery and is looking forward to going to a new home.

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