SAIC Sets Company Record By Raising Over $385,000 During Hunger Action Month

SAIC Sets Company Record By Raising Over $385,000 During Hunger Action Month (1)

SAIC, the company that helped hungry people in America, said it raised more than $385,000. That is enough money to help 3.8 million hungry people.

SAIC employees helped raise over $205,000 for Feeding America®, which helps people who need food and addresses the issue of food waste. SAIC has partnered with Feeding America® for eight years, which is the most money they have raised so far.

This month, some people at SAIC joined together to do events that would raise money for Feeding America. They volunteered at food banks and pantries. This is because this year has been hard with COVID-19. There are 38 million hungry people in America, including more than 12 million kids.

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“SAIC employees donated to food outreach groups in four cities. These organizations help people who are hungry. The workers did this by fundraising, engaging in activities, and donating money to help these groups cause. One of the leaders said that “food insecurity in America continues to present difficult challenges across the country.” He also said that it has been made more difficult by a pandemic. I am grateful to the people who helped me when I needed it.”

SAIC Sets Company Record By Raising Over $385,000 During Hunger Action Month (2)

“We are grateful for SAIC and its generous employees who have given a lot of food to people in need. They gave 3.8 million meals during Hunger Action Month.”

What is SAIC?

SAIC is one of the most important companies in America. They are a technology company that helps their customers with engineering, digital, artificial intelligence, and mission solutions. They use what they know about these new technologies to create products that are helpful for their customers’ missions.

SAIC is a 26,500 company. We are driven by our mission and work together. Our culture is for people of all races, sexes, or religions. We are headquartered in Reston, Virginia, with annual revenue of $7.1 billion. For more information, visit

Feeding America?

Feeding America is a charity that helps hungry people. It has 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries. It makes sure that 46 million people have enough to eat each year. Feeding America also works with schools, so kids don’t go hungry at lunchtime. You can help by donating money as well as volunteering your time, or helping with advocacy for legislation to help the hungry.

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