Ransomware Gang Says It Hacked the NRA (National Rifle Association)

Ransomware Gang Says It Hacked the NRA (National Rifle Association) (1)

A gang that is from Russia says that they hacked the NRA. The NRA is a group in America that wants to have guns.

A group of people called Grief published some files that are about grants that the NRA has given. The Associated Press looked at these files and found out more about them. Ransomware gangs often post a victim’s files publicly to encourage the person to pay money for them after they have been stolen.

The NRA has had problems with its email system this week. A person who could not talk about the problem said that it might signify a ransomware attack. The NRA does not talk about how they protect themselves.

Ransomware attacks have been going up in the past few years. They often target companies and organizations, but they rarely target groups closely tied to the Republican party. For example, in the last two presidential elections, it spent a lot of money supporting Donald Trump’s campaign.

The group has been having a lot of problems lately with things like legal and money. But they are still a big force, even if they have only 5 million members.

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Recently, the National Rifle Association was attacked by hackers. This is unusual because it is not usually what they would do. It’s also not clear whether the attack was politically motivated. Hackers usually target vulnerable technologies, not organizations like the NRA.

Allan Liska said that it is not likely that this was targeted, but it just happened to happen. You never know, though.

Liska says that the problems with email maybe because of a ransomware attack. Email systems are targets for hackers, and that is because they have sensitive information, and it makes it harder to get back into the office. This means that there is a reason to pay a ransom if your computer gets hacked.

Some security experts think that Grief is related to Evil Corp, a group of people who steal money from banks. The U.S. Treasury Department has put sanctions on this group because they have stolen more than $100 million from 40 countries.

In the United States and Russia, ties have been strained this year. This is because of a string of high-profile cyberattacks on America that was started by Russian gangs. Joe Biden has warned Vladimir Putin to stop this crime, but some top Biden administration cyber security officials have said they have seen no evidence of his efforts.

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