Fear The Walking Dead: Who’s Hunting For Morgan In Season 7?

Fear The Walking Dead Who's Hunting For Morgan In Season 7

The TV show “Fear the Walking Dead” introduced a new character. They have a grudge against someone else in the show. The series is bad because of this and because of what happened with Victor Strand or Colman Domingo, and because of the nuclear apocalypse. This character will come back for another fight against Morgan Jones (Lennie James) at some point during this season.

In Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead, Episode 2, Morgan came across a mysterious man who he shot down. At the Last of the episode, we saw him opening a box with his name on it, and inside was another man’s head. This person looked like Morgan but said that he would not give up and would be one of the biggest obstacles for Morgan to face in the next season. If the submarine leaves and looks for his friends or to find Padre, he could be in trouble with this new villain. If he stays, that villain will be mad, and it will cause problems for Morgan.

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In the season 6 premiere, Fear the Walking Dead’s Emile tried to kill Morgan. He went to see where Morgan lived, and then he walked to his house. Then he took off his head at the end of the episode. After Emile died, Morgan put the head in the box that he marked “Morgan Jones” and had it delivered to Virginia. Apparently, Josiah got Emile’s head and is now plotting revenge against me.

Not much has been said about Josiah, but it seems like he is just as good as Emile. Both of them have been defeated by Morgan, but in Fear the Walking Dead season 6, Emile nearly ends Morgan’s journey to reunite with everyone. Josiah’s first attempt to get revenge for his brother did not go well. But it is possible that he will have intense encounters with this brother over the course of Fear the Walking Dead season 7.

The series could be going in a new direction with Josiah. The last season had a lot of great moments, but it also missed an opportunity by killing Emile. If they hadn’t killed him, he might have been a menacing character for a few stories. With Josiah, Fear Walking Dead season 7 can do something bigger than a single-episode, cat-and-mouse tale. The show is not likely! To repeat Emile’s story. It makes sense that Josiah would eventually join the group.

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