Bay County Sees Reports of New Covid-19 Cases Dwindling

Bay County Sees Reports of New Covid-19 Cases Dwindling

COVID-19 cases in Bay County are dropping. They fell again last week. The trend has been going down for more than two months.

The latest statistics say that there were 101 cases in the county last week. That is a good number for this area. It is also close to what happened across the state as well. There were fewer new COVID-19 cases than we had before. Last week, 134 people in the county had COVID-19. Three weeks ago, 325 people had it. A few weeks ago, 900 people had it, and a few weeks before that, 1,132 people did too.

The county has reported 32,518 cases of the pandemic.

Many people in Florida have been fully vaccinated since March 2020. 55% of the county’s population is vaccinated. Florida has fewer cases of coronavirus. They found 14,564 new cases in the week ending Sunday. That is down 22% from the 18,807 new cases that were reported last week.

Out of the 50 states in the USA, Florida was ranked 49th in the country, with coronavirus spreading fastest on a per-person basis. The number of total cases in the United States decreased 14.2% over last week. Florida had 2.86% of all cases across the country, but 11 states had more cases this past week than last week.

Gulf county has reported 2,991 cases of the virus in this pandemic. This week there were 7 cases. Last week there were 5. It is helpful for Gulf County to report these numbers, so we know how bad the problem is. Washington County had 11 cases this week. It also had 11 cases last week. It has reported 4,563 cases throughout the pandemic.

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Across Florida, there were fewer cases. In Miami-Dade County, there were 2,086 cases from 2,731 a week ago; in Broward County, there were 1,472 cases from 1,851; and in Palm Beach County, there were 998 cases from 1,377.

In 2017, Florida ranked 17th among all the states. 68.7% of people in Florida were vaccinated, which is a higher percentage than the national average. To be vaccinated, two doses are needed given a few weeks apart. In the last week, Florida gave all 323,220 doses of vaccines. This included 115,510 first doses. The previous week they gave 400,213 vaccine doses. Altogether there were 28 million vaccinations given in Florida.

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There were the most cases of people getting sick with chickenpox per week in Lafayette County and Hamilton County in Florida. That is a lot more than in Volusia County, where there were fewer cases. The Centers for Disease Control says that people get very sick when the number of people getting chickenpox is 100 times greater than usual.

The newest cases were in Miami-Dade County, with 2,086; Broward County, with 1,472; and Hillsborough County, with 1,347. The number of new covid-19 cases went up in 11 counties from the week before. The worst increases were in Volusia County (in Florida), Monroe County (in Florida), and Walton County (in Georgia).

A total of 944 people died from COVID-19 in the week ending Sunday. In the previous week, 1,192 people died.

Since the start of this pandemic, 3,678,661 people in Florida have tested positive for the coronavirus. Fifty-eight thousand eight hundred three people have died from it. In the United States, 45,444,260 people tested positive, and 735,941 people died.

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