‘Stargirl’ Season 2 Actor Meg DeLacy Describes Finale as a ‘Major Takedown’

'Stargirl' Season 2 Actor Meg DeLacy Describes Finale as a 'Major Takedown'

Eclipso has been stronger than the Justice Society of America throughout Stargirl Season 2. Eclipso forced Yolanda to quit, made Rick go to jail, and he’s the reason Courtney ended up in Shadowlands. But in episode 10 of season 2, the JSA is going to try and get all their resources together to stop Eclipso. And according to actress Meg DeLacy who plays Cindy, you’re not going to want to miss episode 10 of season 2!❗

Meg DeLacy talks about the Stargirl season finale.

A fan asked CSU World Record a question. CSU World Record talked to Meg DeLacy, and she said that there would be a takedown in the Stargirl season finale. But Eclipso will succeed in a lot of ways.⁉

'Stargirl' Season 2 Actor Meg DeLacy Describes Finale as a 'Major Takedown' (1) (1)

Eclipso is very powerful. The JSA can stop him if he targets Beth. He underestimated Beth, and she was able to avoid his mind manipulation and stand up to him. She is also immune to Eclipso’s powers because of her Doctor Mid-Nite goggles. So, there is no doubt that Beth will be the JSA‘s secret weapon in the fight against Eclipso.👉

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But DeLacy said what we already know: Eclipso is not going to go down easily. He will have a plan when the superheroes come for him. But in the Stargirl season 2 finale, maybe the JSA will also have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Will Cindy help the JSA stop Eclipso?

In season 2, when Yolanda and Rick return to the team, they will be stronger. The JSA might not be enough to stop Eclipso. They need help from other people in order to do so.

DeLacy said that “a lot of people” who have never worked together before will have to join forces.

Jakeem Thunder has come back to the show. He will probably be in the finale. Jennie is back in Blue Valley, and she might want revenge on Eclipso for sending her to the Shadowlands. Cindy’s team up with Stargirl in the Season 2 finale could be what DeLacy was talking about when she commented on it.🙋‍♀️

Everything we know so far about the Season 2 finale of ‘Stargirl.’

In the last episode of this season, Eclipso unleashes his plan to take over. People from Courtney’s school and the JSA band together to stop him. Yvette Monreal, Cameron, Anjelika Washington, Amy Smart, and Trae Romano star in this episode. Greg Beeman directed, and Geoff Johns wrote it.

If the final episode of Stargirl doesn’t end well, you don’t need to worry. The CW renewed Stargirl for a third season that will probably start sometime in 2022.

The Stargirl season 2 finale on Nov.2 on The CW.

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