Good Girls Season 4 Is Not Coming to Netflix in November 2021

Good Girls Season 4 Is Not Coming to Netflix in November 2021 (1)

We were sad when we heard that NBC canceled our favorite show. We wanted to see more episodes of this crime comedy-drama series, and we thought there were still a lot of tales left to tell. But, unhappily, Good Girls season 4 is the last season, and we have to accept that.🤐

It has been some months later the fourth season of Good Girls aired on NBC, and every month we are looking for it on Netflix. We are now in November, but no Good Girls season 4 is on Netflix yet.

Netflix has a list of new movies and TV shows coming in November 2021. We are sorry that the show Good Girls is not on it.😶

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We want to see how the show ends. Some people want another season, but they didn’t get it yet. So I hope that the last episode doesn’t leave you hanging on a cliffhanger. I am going to miss this show!

Netflix has not said when the next season will come out. That is all we can tell you.

 Netflix release date predictions: Good Girls season 4

Our best guess for when season 4 of this show will be on Netflix is in April 2022. We looked at the release dates of the other seasons, and they were released one year after the season aired on TV. That means that this season came out in 2020, so it will come out in 2022.😑

Good Girls Season 4 Is Not Coming to Netflix in November 2021 (2) (1)

Based on the previous season debuting in March, the fourth season will probably come out in January or February of 2022. The 4th season is most likely going to happen sometime between spring and summer of 2022.

Netflix is releasing season 4 of Good Girls on Netflix soon. Seasons 1-3 are already available to stream.

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