FS Tax Conference 2021: The Future of Taxes

Hansuke is inviting 50 people to their Financial Services Tax Conference. The central topic of the conference is “The Future of Tax.”

People from different jobs will be talking at this year’s conference. Some of them are tax officials, political leaders, academics, trade association representatives, and private sector firms BlackRock, Franklin Templeton, and JP Morgan.

Paul Tang, the EU Parliament’s tax committee chair, will be speaking at this conference. He will be talking with other governing bodies about taxes for people in different countries and organizations. They are coming from all over the world to talk about taxes.

FSTC21 is a conference Hansuke hosting with WTS Global, Sovos Compliance, and Software Daten Service. The conference will be hosted virtually on 10 and 11 November 2021. People from the financial service tax community are invited to attend.

The FSTC21 program tackles different topics in taxes. For example, it talks about taxes on crypto assets and how they work, what ethics are when dealing with taxes, and the future of asset management. This is important because we need to know if we can trust the government and give back all of our money after we pay for taxes. We need to make sure that money is going where it needs to go. Roger Kaiser from the European Banking Federation says that transparency is a good way to fight against financial crime and tax evasion.

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Ali Kazimi, the head of Hansuke, said that “financial firms face unprecedented challenges.” He mentions how tax data leaks and the onset of the OECD’s minimum corporate income tax regime will see higher taxes. Ali also says that “the race for the bottom is truly over.”

FS Tax Conference 2021 The Future of Taxes

There is a 2-day virtual conference. It will have the most famous people in tax. The keynote speaker is Johnathan Schwarz, who advises on international tax issues; Ruud De Mooij, who advises the International Monetary Fund; Paul Tang, who chairs EU Parliament’s tax committee; and Will Fitzgibbon, a senior investigative reporter from ICIJ.

FSTC21 is a conference where people can come and talk about international taxes. People who work in government, business, and journalism will be there. They talk about cutting-edge topics at the conference. If you want to go, email [email protected] with your name and email address, so they know you want to apply for the press pack!

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