Facebook Refocusing on Its Services for Serving ‘young Adults’

Facebook Refocusing

Facebook announced that they are focusing on the services for young adults after people were worried about Facebook’s usage among teens and young adults. This happened during a phone call with investors where people talked about how teens and young adults are using Facebook less now.

Zuckerberg said, “So much of our services have gotten dialed to be the best for the most people who use them instead of just for young adults. One example is Tik Tok. It’s a good competitor, and we need to change how we work.”

Facebook Refocusing

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Facebook is changing. It will change slower because of the changes. But this might be good for people who have been on Facebook a long time. The trade-off is that there will be fewer ads and more videos on Instagram, which he thinks is a good idea.

Facebook is worried about people using it less. They are worried that people will stop using Facebook. The leaked documents show what Facebook has been thinking to do to make its app better for younger users like you like the new feature called mood feeds.

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