Probe Into Border Patrol Agents Drags on Over a Month, Despite the Fact That Mayorkas Claim It Would Take ‘days.’

Probe into Border Patrol agents drags on over a month, despite Mayorkas claim it would take 'days'

Border Patrol agents were pictured on horseback, and people thought they whipped migrants. The investigation is still going, but it will take less time than promised by the head of Homeland Security, who said it would take “days, not weeks.”❗

This is what Mayorkas said in September. “The reality will drive the actions that we take.” We need to do this investigation thoroughly but quickly. It will be done in days or weeks.

Now, as October is ending, the investigation is still going on. It will cause problems for the Biden administration if it ends. The investigation is still going on. Department of Homeland Security told us that they are committed to a thorough and independent investigation, and they will release the results once it is complete.

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This controversy began when someone showed pictures of people on horses blocking people from Haiti from getting into the United States. One person grabbed onto someone’s shirt. Some reporters and Democrats said that agents were using whips on the migrants. But they were actually using reins to control their horses. And the person who took the photos said that he did not see anyone whip anyone either.💢

Probe into Border Patrol agents drags on over a month, despite Mayorkas claim it would take 'days'

Some outlets said that the whip-like cords were not correct. But many Democrats, including congressional leaders, said that it was true. Then it spread to the White House.

People were treated like horses barely running over. People were strapped, and the people will pay. There will be an investigation that will happen now, and there will be consequences. These people will pay because there are no consequences for this act.

The president said things, which made Border Patrol agents angry. This made them think that he was throwing them under the bus.”If you do your boss’s work, will you be punished?” One agent told CSU World Record. “I don’t know what to say.”⛔

Mayorkas first disagreed with the agents and a chief of Border Patrol because they used reins to control a horse. But he later claimed that he had not seen the images when he made those remarks. He said that while the use of horses was discontinued in one area, it is still being used in other areas because it is effective.

The investigation into the incident is not yet over. We know that the images of this incident are very painful for our nation’s ongoing battle against racism. Chris Magnus, Joe Biden’s choice for head of Customs and Border Protection (which oversees Border Patrol), recently described the images as “troubling.” He didn’t make any claims about whips. He said that conclusions couldn’t be drawn until the investigation was over.⁉

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