American Horror Story Season 10: Double Feature Recap: Happy Evacuation Day

American Horror Story Season 10

The finale of “Death Valley” is about the end of humanity. We have been mixed with aliens for 60 years. I blinked and looked around the room, wondering if I had dozed during it.

I had spent the whole episode waiting for something more to happen, but it never did. So I rewound the episode and watched it again. We went from Harry Gardner (Finn Wittrock) drinking blood in part one of Double Feature to Kendall Carr (Kaia Gerber) pushing out the perfect alien-human hybrid at the end of part two, and it’s a good way, to sum up, our viewing experience.😃

For all that thirst, for all that wanting, and for all that pushing and pushing in hopes of the perfect end result, we’re left with a little glob of goopy mess staring back at us with its big reflective eyes as if to say, “what did you expect?”⁉

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Rating something is hard because you have to think about how good it is. Sometimes people are better than what you thought, and some people are worse.

When I realized that this season was over and that we were not going to see anything else, I wanted to rate it a zero. But then I realized that there is a difference between what we saw and what could have been. You can enjoy the show without putting too much thought into it.

American Horror Story Season 10

The two parts of Double Feature were not good. None of the theories we collected amounted to anything at all. I’m glad now that is done, and next week I am going to watch this season again and enjoy it as I should have from the beginning.👍

I’m going to lay on the couch without a notebook and let this crazy show wash over me. I like it because it’s crazy. I don’t like it because it isn’t normal. I forgot how much fun this is, but now I remember!

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Leading us out of this season is Valiant Thor, who I know now because someone commented on last week’s recap. Valiant Thor is a reference to a real-life conspiracy theory that dates back to 1957. In this continuation of the fake story, he has gotten everything that he wanted from being in the White House. Now he is ready for his plan to happen. He wants aliens and humans to take over Earth.

Dwight D. Eisenhower is dying. He learns that the world is being invaded by aliens and also lizard people. He uses his last words to tell Valiant to go away! And Mamie asks for Valiant’s help in faking her own death before going to Area 51😥, where she can live forever.😥

All is well, for a while. But then melancholy sinks in when Mamie realizes that the stories she tells are all she will ever have to tell. There are not many new memories to be made in Area 51, and any juicy ones that come along are usually followed by someone getting killed or an alien baby tentacle attacking them.

Eisenhower is out of office, and Nixon gets to work. But he does not want to do the aliens‘ plans, so they take him and touch his butt until he agrees. Everyone at the White House realizes that all their work was not worth it after this happened.

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Especially when Vietnam was being talked about, Valiant wanted to take attention away from the number of people who were disappearing each year.

The baby-making factory at Area 51😥 is in high gear. It continues even when the abducted birthing vessels refuse to cooperate, or the public knows about it. The gays, Nico and Troy, are killed by their own tentacle babies. Kendall gives birth to a perfect specimen, so they cut off her head and preserve her body as a non-stop birthing tube so she can make more of them every hour. That sounds like a painful idea for me.

Mamie tries to convince Calico and Theta to let her kill the perfect alien-human baby specimen. But they don’t agree. Theta talks about how humans are dirty, and she wants someone else to have a chance at making Earth better. And then she blows Mamie’s head up! And that’s it.

You may be thinking about what will happen in season 11. Vampires and aliens are plain as day. I can’t wait to locate out what happens next with the talking buttholes.

Deep Throats and Even Deeper Thoughts

  • When we watched the episode, there were lizard people. One of the writers was probably like: “Remember, I told you to put lizard people in.” The prop person who had to drive a long way for yellow contacts said: “You promised me!”😍 
  • This is the best dialogue in this whole season. It was when Mamie and Calico talked in this episode.

Mamie: “Do you like fudge?”

Calico: More than life itself.

If I am ever in a spot where I can wish for something, I would like to meet Sarah Paulson and talk to her. It might be too far into the future for me, but we can see if we can find an alien device so that my gravestone will play clips of it.🙄

  • Mamie as Deep Throat? Mamie can do a lot of things.

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