‘Strong probability’ that Brian Laundrie’s remains found, family attorney says

North Port – after Human Remains Were Found at the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park, It Seems That the Search for Fugitive Brian Laundrie Might Be Close to Being Over.

Just One Day After the Park Reopened, Investigators Have Closed It Again. They Are Going to Be There for Many More Days, Trying to Figure Out What Happened. Police Cars Went Into the Park Early on Thursday morning.

North Port and Lee County Authorities Give Few Details on Brian Laundrie Search (1)

During a Press Conference Thursday, Officials From the North Port Police Department and Lee County Sheriff’s Office Thanked Other Agencies for Their Help in the Weeks-long Manhunt. But They Didn’t Say Much About What Was Found During This Time in the Park. This Included Some Human Remains That Were Not Identified Yet.❗

Today When I Walked There, I Got to See the Conditions They Were in. The Water Was So High That It Was Above Their Chest. There Were Rattlesnakes, Moccasins, and Alligators. They Are Heroes Because They Go in There Even When It Is Dangerous.

Thursday Was the First Time That Marceno Was There. It Also Was the First Time That a Police Officer Spoke About This Case in a Long Time.

“Everybody Wants to Know Exactly What Is Happening All the Time. America Is Watching. But We Will Never Risk the Investigation by Telling People About It Before It’s Right.”

The Briefing Comes Ultimately After Items Belonging to Brian Laundrie Were Found. He Is the Only Person Who Is Interesting in Gabby’s Death, and He Has Been Missing for Five Weeks.❗

North Port and Lee County Authorities Give Few Details on Brian Laundrie Search
North Port and Lee County Authorities Give Few Details on Brian Laundrie Search

Authorities Believe That the Couple Took a Long Trip in Her Van. Then He Came Back to North Port Without Her. He Did Not Tell the Police About This. And Then He Used Her Capital One Debit Card to Get Cash From an a.t.m. Machine.

Police Found Human Remains at Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park

An F.B.I. Investigator Said at a Press Conference That They Found Human Remains and Laundrie’s Personal Items.

The Human Remains Have Not Been Identified. Officials Spoke About the Findings Vaguely and Said That It Was a Body or a Limb. Sarasota Medical Examiner Was Called to the Scene on Wednesday.

Yesterday, Investigators Found What Appears to Be Human Remains. These Items Belonged to Brian Laundrie. They Were Found in an Area That Up Until Recently Had Been Underwater. But Now It’s Not Because the Water Has Gone Down. Our Evidence Response Team Is There Using Forensic Resources to Process the Area Where They Are Finding Personal Things Like a Backpack and Notebook That Belonged to Brian.

Brian Laundrie’s Parents Had Planned to Search Myakkahatchee Park the Day Before the Remains Were Found, According to Her Lawyer, Steven Bertolino.❗

The F.B.I. And Nppd Were Told That Brian’s Parents Plan to Go to the Park. They Met Chris and Roberta There on Wednesday Morning. They Found Some of Brian’s Things, Like Clothes and a Hat. Law Enforcement Is Looking for More Evidence Now in the Park.

For Five Weeks, Dozens of Law Implementation Personnel From 16 Different Agencies Searched Through Carlton Reserve. The Land Is About 25,000 Acres and Is in the Southern Part of Sarasota County. Laundrie Went to Go on a Hike at the Reserve and Never Came Back!

But Brian Laundrie’s Car Was Found at the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park. There Are Paths That Connect the Environmental Park to Carlton Reserve.

Both the Carlton Reserve and the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park Are Closed to the Public, So You Can’t Go There.

The Team Will Probably Be on Scene All Week. We Don’t Know Everything Yet, but We Are Trying to Find the Answers.

Desantis Speaks About the Gabby Petito Case

At a Press Conference, Governor Ron Desantis Was Asked Questions About Petito.

He Said He Spoke to Gabby Petito’s Father Yesterday. He Didn’t Say Anything More Than What Was Already Reported.

He Feels Strongly That Gabby Deserves More Help. This Is Why He Has Been Working Hard. He May Also Be Able to Help Others Through His Own Charitable Donations.

Please Check Back for Updates.👍👍


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