Nicole Kidman Tackles Lucille Ball In “Being The Ricardos”

Nicole Kidman Tackles Lucille Ball In Being The Ricardos

Nicole Kidman looks like the famous Lucille Ball in the movie “Being The Ricardos.”

Nicole Kidman Nails Lucille Ball In forthcoming Biopic

She has been an actress and done a lot of other things. Nicole Kidman thinks that it will be hard, but she is excited about the challenge! Nicole Kidman has played a lot of different roles in her acting. She has been able to portray how Lucille Ball acted and also how she lived.😊

The two got married in November 1940. They were on “I Love Lucy” together from 1951 to 1957. They divorced in 1960.

“I am the biggest asset in the list of the Columbia Broadcasting System,” Nicole says. “The biggest asset in the list of Philip Morris Tobacco, Westinghouse. I work together with my husband, who is impressed by me. And all I have to do is kill for 36 weeks in a row.year.”

Nicole Kidman said, “You always hope for success.”

Lucille and Desi Arnaz signed on to be in a TV show. Lucille didn’t know the show would be so popular when she signed it. “You know, I did this show so I could be with Desi. I Do not know it was going to be popular.” This is what Nicole said when the camera came towards her face. It made people ask, “isn’t that really Lucille Ball?”πŸ‘‰

Nicole Kidman Tackles Lucille Ball In Being The Ricardos

A movie will show us what was happening in the film “I Love Lucy” when the TV series was being made. It is about a Monday table read to Friday when they were in front of a live audience on TV.

The Whole Picture

A film about Lucille and Desi Arnaz will show what happens when they are making their TV show. The film will also tell you about other parts of their lives, like the time they were writing.

Nicole Kidman is the stamp of approval for the family

Lucille and Desi’s daughter, Praise Kidman, said that they think she did a spectacular job in the Biopic.

Lucille and Desi’s daughter Lucie Arnaz said Kidman was really good in the movie. She said that she did a great job of capturing what Lucille might have been like.

Nicole did a great job. Lucie told The Palm Springs Life magazine at the end of August. She watched Nicole for two days, and she was playing Lucy in the 1930s and mid-1940s. This was before Lucy Ricardo’s fame, so it was a little different. And I know she wanted it to feel different too, but boy, what Nicole did was amazing! She’s so graceful and classy.

“Being the Ricardos” will come to theaters on December 10 and be on Prime Video on December 21.

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